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Why we choose to dance!

·  Why should I dance?

You are with friends, the atmosphere is pleasant, the music you love, and you dance with loved ones, or even with an unknown, and you feel nice. Is it a school dance or in a restaurant, disco, still experience is the same.

·  I need something for recreation!

Dance is one of the most useful way of recreation, maintenance or correction of body weight, gaining fitness, and energy price is 300Kcal per hour.

·  What do I need to learn to dance?

We are available to you every day and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10-22 hours. Call us and book your place on the course of dance, or make an individual lesson with our instructors. The rest is our concern, you just have to enjoy.

·  How can I learn to dance, when I have "two left feet"?

That doesn't happen to us. You would be one of 70,000 in the last 30 years "with two left feet". Relax and commit to our knowledge and experience.

·  How to learn when I do not come with a partner?

Most of the students do not come with a dance partner, but finds him or her in the beginning, on the class. If even then you don't have anyone to dance with, at your service are our assistants that we engage on your demand, to be your partner on every class.

·  What can I learn, and how much time do I need?

You will learn to dance to every kind of music from the Viennese waltz to salsa. Tango, cha cha cha, disco, rumba, samba, Syrtaki, Foxtrot, merengue, bachata, rock and roll, swing, Jive, Latinos, colita... and all this for 8-9 months.

·  When I learn to dance, except at New Year's Eve or weddings, where else can I dance?

We organize dinner dances and dance weekends in attractive places, but surely what you will learn here will serve you well in the disco, in a salsa club, and there are parties, birthdays, or a restaurant with music, business dinner or reception, prom night graduation or anniversary..., for places where you will dance, do not worry, the opportunities will be a lot more than you think.

·  I know it's a very last moment in time, but I urgently need to know something to dance! We have scheduled a wedding for a month or I have a business dinner, and it was announced that there will be music and dance, or I have a meeting in a restaurant and surely I will be asked for a dance. But I do not have too much time to come regularly to the course.

Don't worry, we are also ready for that... Call and make an individual lesson with our instructor at a time when you want. Depending on what you need, we'll make you the appropriate program and everything will be as you imagined.

·  I am 59 years old, and I always wanted to learn to dance. Is it too late for me?

Of course not. We have special courses for over 55 years. It's never too late, it is always the right time for dance.

·  Prom night is closer and closer, and a few of my buddies and I would like to know to dance on it, because it is an integral part of the celebration.

Prom night is certainly one of the most beautiful moments in life. We will with pleasure teach you to dance, with special terms and discounts, so our school will also remain you in an unforgettable memory.


Unusual games around danceMore » Unusual games around dance

Unusual games around dance
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New in September!!!More » New in September!!!


1st September 2016
Get familiar with dance program on our free introduction lesson. Come with partner and get 20% discount for both.
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6th International Dance Festival in BelgradeMore » 6th International Dance Festival in Belgrade

6th International Dance Festival in Belgrade

14th May 2016
Cultural and Sports Center Šumice, with more than 1000 participants from different countries. Beginning at 10AM, formation finals at 5PM. Enjoy in this big dance spectacle!
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From the Vračars concert of the 30 Years Jubilee!More » From the Vračars concert of the 30 Years Jubilee!

From the Vračars concert of the 30 Years Jubilee!

29th December 2015
30 years jubilee of the dance club Vračar was celebrated with concert at cultural and sports center Šumice.
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More » Dance Club Vračar Celebrates 30 Years Anniversary!More » Dance Club Vračar Celebrates 30 Years Anniversary!

Dance Club Vračar Celebrates 30 Years Anniversary!

29th December 2015
We invite You to a concert of a dance school & club Vračar, regarding 30 years anniversary. The concert will be held on Tuesday, 29th of December 2015, at 8 PM, at the Cultural and Sports Center Šumice, Ustanička street 125/1, Belgrade...
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More » Fifth International Dance Festival in BelgradeMore » Fifth International Dance Festival in Belgrade

Fifth International Dance Festival in Belgrade

6th December 2015
Fifth International Dance Festival in Belgrade was held on 6th of December 2015 in a Cultural and Sports Center Šumice and was filled to a last seat. This manifestation showed in the best way...
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More about Više od igreMore about Više od igre

Više od igre (TV Pink)

September 2015
Starting from September 2015, five of our members are going to participate on dancing competition in popular TV show "Više od igre" on TV Pink. All have passed first round. Watch us on Saturdays at 12h on Pink Channel...
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More about Latino FitnessMore about Latino Fitness

Latino Fitness

Season 2015/2016
Starting from this season, LATINO FITNESS is opened - recreation for shaping your body. Become fit with rhytms of latino music and positive approach of our instructors...
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More about Formacijski timMore about Formacijski tim

Formation Team

12th December 2015
Formation team on preparations for World Championship in Vienna...
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More about BelExpo FestivalMore about BelExpo Festival

BelExpo Festival

6th June 2015
Exclusive interior of BelExpo Center on New Belgrade, high-end sound and lighting systems, video wall, precise timing and well organized schedule have made...
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More about 3rd Dance FestivalMore about 3rd Dance Festival

3rd Dance Festival

25th April 2015
3rd Dance Festival at recreational center "Banjica". Great ambient and perfect organization dazzled our guests from Bosnia and Hungary...
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More about Dancing Season 2013/2014 (Hotel Holiday Inn)More about Dancing Season 2013/2014 (Hotel Holiday Inn)

Dancing Season 2013/2014 (Hotel Holiday Inn)

7-8th June 2014
Medal test, ProDance competition, Formation Dance Festival, Dance festival for solo and duo...
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Dance Hip-Hop group "Orca Instinct"

Season 2014/2015
"Orca Instinct" is active again with trainings, after a while. From season 2014/2015, Orca Instinct is joined to Dance Center "Vračar" in order to achieve higher level of professionalism and work quality...
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