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Unusual games around danceMore » Unusual games around dance

Unusual games around dance
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New in September!!!More » New in September!!!


1st September 2016
Get familiar with dance program on our free introduction lesson. Come with partner and get 20% discount for both.
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6th International Dance Festival in BelgradeMore » 6th International Dance Festival in Belgrade

6th International Dance Festival in Belgrade

14th May 2016
Cultural and Sports Center Šumice, with more than 1000 participants from different countries. Beginning at 10AM, formation finals at 5PM. Enjoy in this big dance spectacle!
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From the Vračars concert of the 30 Years Jubilee!More » From the Vračars concert of the 30 Years Jubilee!

From the Vračars concert of the 30 Years Jubilee!

29th December 2015
30 years jubilee of the dance club Vračar was celebrated with concert at cultural and sports center Šumice.
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More » Dance Club Vračar Celebrates 30 Years Anniversary!More » Dance Club Vračar Celebrates 30 Years Anniversary!

Dance Club Vračar Celebrates 30 Years Anniversary!

29th December 2015
We invite You to a concert of a dance school & club Vračar, regarding 30 years anniversary. The concert will be held on Tuesday, 29th of December 2015, at 8 PM, at the Cultural and Sports Center Šumice, Ustanička street 125/1, Belgrade...
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More » Fifth International Dance Festival in BelgradeMore » Fifth International Dance Festival in Belgrade

Fifth International Dance Festival in Belgrade

6th December 2015
Fifth International Dance Festival in Belgrade was held on 6th of December 2015 in a Cultural and Sports Center Šumice and was filled to a last seat. This manifestation showed in the best way...
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More about Više od igreMore about Više od igre

Više od igre (TV Pink)

September 2015
Starting from September 2015, five of our members are going to participate on dancing competition in popular TV show "Više od igre" on TV Pink. All have passed first round. Watch us on Saturdays at 12h on Pink Channel...
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More about Latino FitnessMore about Latino Fitness

Latino Fitness

Season 2015/2016
Starting from this season, LATINO FITNESS is opened - recreation for shaping your body. Become fit with rhytms of latino music and positive approach of our instructors...
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More about Formacijski timMore about Formacijski tim

Formation Team

12th December 2015
Formation team on preparations for World Championship in Vienna...
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More about BelExpo FestivalMore about BelExpo Festival

BelExpo Festival

6th June 2015
Exclusive interior of BelExpo Center on New Belgrade, high-end sound and lighting systems, video wall, precise timing and well organized schedule have made...
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More about 3rd Dance FestivalMore about 3rd Dance Festival

3rd Dance Festival

25th April 2015
3rd Dance Festival at recreational center "Banjica". Great ambient and perfect organization dazzled our guests from Bosnia and Hungary...
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More about Dancing Season 2013/2014 (Hotel Holiday Inn)More about Dancing Season 2013/2014 (Hotel Holiday Inn)

Dancing Season 2013/2014 (Hotel Holiday Inn)

7-8th June 2014
Medal test, ProDance competition, Formation Dance Festival, Dance festival for solo and duo...
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More about Dance Hip-Hop group Orca InstinctMore about Dance Hip-Hop group Orca Instinct

Dance Hip-Hop group "Orca Instinct"

Season 2014/2015
"Orca Instinct" is active again with trainings, after a while. From season 2014/2015, Orca Instinct is joined to Dance Center "Vračar" in order to achieve higher level of professionalism and work quality...
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Welcome to Dance Center "Vračar"

Dobrodosli Dobrodosli

Dance improves communication between people, at the same time creating a feeling of relaxation and great mood. It strengthens confidence, and results in the creation of new friendships.

It's ideal for relaxation while at the same time burning up 300 calories in just one hour of exercise! Dance improves coordination and balance, and encourages proper posture. The use of all body muscles result in better muscle tone and the improvement of circulation.

Also, it is available to everyone regardless of age and agility. All one needs is to be in a good mood and to have a desire for new knowledge!

A Great love and enthusiasm for dance created in 1985. The dance school Vracar, and the following year in 1986, the Sport and dance Club VRACAR. Our premises were located in the municipality of Vracar, and in the Center for Physical Culture Vracar, hence the name of the club.

Successfully working on the development and popularization of recreational (social) dance and independently creating top sport competitors, Dance club Vracar became a synonym for dance in Serbia. Thousands and thousands of children and adults have learned to enjoy socializing, music and dance. Also, there have been exceptional results and achievements in sport dancing. All this has contributed to the profession of dance teachers and trainers securing their place and status in society, and competitive dance got a status as a sport.


"Dance, it means a full of glass of strength and the will to live!"
Jovan Dučić

"Dance is a language. Its purpose is communication."
Paul D.Bloom

Dance Club VRACAR is the founder of almost all dance organizations in our region: Yugoslav Federation of sport dance, Dance Sport Association of Serbia, Dance Federation of Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade Dance Association, Association of Dance hosts, teachers and coaches of Yugoslavia, Association of Serbian dance coaches, school dance league, 3P League of Serbia (Project of progressive dance), pro-dance League competition.

Vračar tim

Committed and dedicated work has created many generations of competitors. Dance Club VRACAR is the most successful dance club in Serbia, with over 30 titles of state champions, winners of the Cup of Serbia, with more than a hundred cups and medals from international competitions won in England, Italy, France, Austria... and numerous participation in official world and European championships in which enviable results have been achieved.

Club members have also participated in over 150 TV shows and movies, theatrical plays, sports. The club has organized numerous events, dance evenings, events for children, charitable events, and also a Dance festival (with over a thousand participants in the Nikola Pasic Square). Thousands of children were trained in projects like "Free October for dance", "Free February" etc. Music, friendship, the spirit of sport and art, the combination and mixture of youth and maturity and all that has been done, and that which is planned to be done in the future makes the dance club VRACAR what it is.

"When I enrolled in the dance school Vracar I discovered the perfect form of recreation! I usually go to the dance class straight from work (which means I'm nervous, tense and slightly depressed). But after only 10 minutes in a dance hall, with fantastic Latin rhythms, I feel much better! In the past I tried several different forms of recreation, but it always ended in the same way, inflammation of muscles and boredom. I have been going to dance lessons for two years now and I have finally found the perfect form of recreation for a lifetime!"
Emilija Peković, lawyer

"Because of my own ignorance, I thought that dance had something to do with ballet, or the like. When my son said he wanted to dance, I was against it. I thought my Srki would want football, karate or something similar. However... but really, however! As he insisted that I enroll him in a dance school, I was forced to go to a dance competition, in order to persuade him and myself that dance was not the right choice. But I was wrong! On that floor, 15, 16 year old boys (and maybe they looked older), were more of a man than, for example, footballers, karate experts etc... Beside them danced a beautiful girl , and they had to manage her every movement very skillfully! At that moment, I wished that my son was that little macho-man. Actually, I thought, it would be much better to develop male ego in contact with girls, rather then training with other boys! The choice was more than good. My Srdjan has been training sport dance for 4 years. He is a successful competitor and athlete (since dance is a very recognized sport). This sport is unerring for his ego! He has learned in a very convenient way how to approach the girl he wants. As a parent, I am more than satisfied, and I recommend that every child should be engaged in dance, as it is very demanding and particularly appropriate for boys."
Milovan Matović, parent

"Some say they love and enjoy to dance. If you ask me, dance is a way of life. Dance is the perfect combination of sport and art. And that is what I really like. I'm trying to balance the artistic and sporting side of dance..."
Luka Bugarin, competitor, 17

"Why did I enroll in a dance course? I have to admit that I was persuaded by two of my school classmates. I was losing touch with basketball, which I had been playing for so long. I needed some form of activity, and in "Red Star" I was wasting my time (I was at the threshold of the first team, but with no real results). I agreed to do a dance course, but just to learn basic dance steps. But what a turning point! With my 1.95 cm I have learned to dance, the atmosphere is great, and I have found a way to approach the girl I want. Also it fulfills me more than all the three points in the field! A ball is just a ball, however with salsa and a girl next to me I feel better. Well, I recommend the dance school to everyone who likes to have fun!"
Goran Milić, 17


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